Thursday 22 May 2014

Back to Knighton

After a year since I visited Knighton in Wales last summer with a lot of Palestinian  kids I went there. It was so nice to see my friends that I met there  last summer and a lot of them had visited Palestine before and they visited me in Azzoun. I had a long busy two weeks there with stalls, presentations, talks in two schools, doing some work in the woods  building a storage house for fire wood,a lot of cooking Palestinian food (Maqluba), talking to MP MR Roger William  talking to the church  group in Knighton, a lot of busy work , and talking to another group at Llanidloes about the Nakbah in Palestine. It was nice and I liked it , and  because I am  from  a small village so the life there was the same life I am  used  to  back in Azzoun, a farmer's  life. 
Now I will  let you see the photos that I took while  I was  there.

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