Friday 13 June 2014

Thinking about what we've learned

Sadly it's Lucile's last Friday volunteer meeting as she has to go back to France at the end of her four months here.  We'll miss her.

So now we are talking about what we've learned in our time in CADFA.  Lots of things....

 English language

 Way of life in London

 About Palestine

Confidence in speaking in front of a lot of people

I did many things I didn’t imagine I would do – everything is different

 Communications with people, improved

I made new friends

Being part of a project, seeing the idea growing, imagining it, starting to implement it,

Preparing presentations

Lots of communications, links

 Ways to deal with students

Here I am starting from zero, it's been a massive experience in all ways

I don’t know everything, and in this new place I have to get used to people, it takes time

 It’s hard to live with a family, it can be noisy

 Being more organised at home specially sharing

 I learned from Cadfa to move on, keep going, if it doesn’t work, try something else.

You have to go in little steps

 I learned about myself, did different things

I am a perfectionist so it’s sometimes hard to start things. I learned that you have to start to do it to develop the idea.

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