Tuesday 4 August 2015

Our work in CADFA as a volunteer with details

Our work in CADFA as a volunteer

Here I'm going to explain what we do as a volunteers here at the office.
Well the office work is not that hard, Usually we start work at 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and on Fridays I work from 2:00 until 8:00 sometimes 7:30.We should arrive every working day at 10;00 to start the work ,the first thing what the volunteer should do is the check the email and the dropbox.
you will find your work schedule at the dropbox or your email,and you will have a task list every week .
Use the Wunderlist application on your smart phone, Nandita will send you your task list on the wunderlist as well its very useful I use it and I like it.
Be on time ,always arrive on time , I know the first week is the hardest because its a new city ,new system and new people but you will get use to it in 1 week .
london is a big city but its very easy to travel in London ,i use 2 apps to travel and i really recommended for the new EVS ,the first one www.TFL.gov.uk this website is amazing just press on Plane my Journy and the will show you exactly how to get to the place that we are looking for whether by bus or by Tube or walking .
Cittymapper this application is amazing too ,its very easy to use and very useful .
Oyster card :the first thing that you should do is buying an Oyster card its £5 and we can use it all the time but of course we should top it up .
my advises about the oyster : when you top up ,try to to up as a weekly way according to your zone ,usually you will need only zone 1 and zone 2 which is 32 Pounds each week and its Unlimited.
or you can the Oyster card for the students if you are under 25 ,which is very good its cheaper I use it and I top it up weekly because its unlimited ,but this card is good if i want to travel ouside my zone.
usually we go to the schools in Camden ,we worked with two schools which is Maria fedelis school and LSU school, there is a student that you will work with , (what type of work ? ) Games ,Workshops, Presentation, Events  also lectures .
then after the school we go back to the office if we finish early with the student to write a blog  about what we did at the schools .
You should always write a blogs about the work ,the blogs are very important and its a part of the work .
Stalls, stall is important part too ,this way you tell the people about the charity and they sigh a petitions .
Organizing events, one of duties that we have at the office is organizing an event at a community center or at Calthorpe project or at a theater or at any convenient place for the event ,and we can choose what kind of event you want to organize for as long as the event support the charity financially and awareness.
For example, me and Momin we organized an event after Ramadan (Eid event ) it was music,food and a movie .
The most important part about the event is the publicity and you should make a nice leaflet about your event and publish  it around your area and around the area that we have the event at it and try to invite people and your friends.
Outreach, the outreach is awareness about CADFA that's how we extend cadfa and spread it out .
you should take a leaflets with you from the office and give to to the people in specific places,they will tell you where to go and how to get there.
and remember, always write a blogs .
community centers and youth centers ,you will be in touch with the community centers and with the youth center, book a meeting with them and talk to them and give them a leaflets about CADFA and when you organize an event invite them and try to organize something with them.
Members:Try to get members for the charity as much as you can, when someone become a member its mean that there is some people supporting the charity and promoting it in different ways .
Free Arabic class every Friday :the Palestinian volunteers should teach Arabic every Friday from 6-7, me and Momin we have a students now,different generations and different levels .
we hope the next EVS will continue what we have started because we are making an effort to teach them and some of our students now they can write and read Arabic and speak a little conversation.
Holidays and weekends :
you have to take a 2 days weekend every week ,sometime your weekend Saturday and Sunday and sometime Sunday and Monday.
Articles : we should write an articles sometimes about something happen back home or about something related to the charity and try to publish it in a magazine or newspaper .
Youth visit,women visit ,leader visit : during our work as a volunteer here, we organized a several events for the visits and we worked as a leaders during the visits.
The visits its a bit tiring but we had so much fun , we met a new people and we heard a different stories from them .
to be a leader its not an easy thing because you have to take it seriously,and its a responsibility but i have learned a lot of things.
Be on time , always be on time ,specially if you have an event go on time and don't get lost so much .
and every month you have 2 days off ,you can choose if you want to take them or leave them at the end ,but always you should text Nandita or send her email about your leave days .

Nadeen :)

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