Tuesday 8 March 2016

Palestinian Volunteer in the UK

Bye Bye London!

We used to say these words when we were kids, that time i didn't even know where London is!
Now, the time came to mean these words.

The experience as an EVS Volunteer in the UK with CADFA gave me a lot. I met plenty of people, my network is huge now  as I met many many people from many different places. I've learnt lots of things, soft skills, language skills, culture awareness, English traditions and customs. Living in London for 5 months with an English family showed me the details of the English's mornings,evenings and the lifestyle.

I visited many cities in the UK (York, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool) and I've been to Dorset in the country side which is very different from the big cities.

This great experience's outcomes will last forever and ever!

Thank you!


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