Tuesday 14 June 2016

Antonio's opinion about CADFA

Antonio Maniscalao Studied Culinary Science in New York Working a trained chef  Member of several Human Rights Organizations
And an active member of CADFA 
On Tuesday 14th June, When I asked him about CADFA , its goals, activities, volunteering and membership, and he is Message, he replied  :

CADFA works to promote awareness about the human rights situation in Palestine. Their goals are promising. So

  • I think they could have more youth activities.
  • Their work and commitment could improve.
  • There are much more the next generation of Palestinians could do and should do.
  • Well so far I feel that as a member of CADFA I've contributed very little, I've not been given the opportunity to contribute as much as I would like
  • Palestinian youths should be able to be more active in the promotion and activities that could lead the state of Palestine to their independence
  • Palestinian youths should have a much broader range of educational opportunities, and it is through them that the information should go out to schools and colleges.
And finally, I think CADFA should focus more in creating opportunity abroad for Palestinians youth's by putting them in contact with local institutions to allow them to explore the world .

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