Wednesday 18 November 2015

What is Happening in Palestine NOW?

Yesterday's event was great, the room looked very Palestinian with the decorations and each and every one of us were ready to take on the stage and speak about many things tackling the Palestinian issue. Nandia started first speaking about CADFA youth links and where CADFA is at right now. Wadee followed and made a powerful presentation about being student in Palestine. He addressed the teaching style in Palestinian schools and universities and then he addressed the issue of right to education and the restrictions imposed on students. I made a presentation about what is happening now (since the beginning of October) I made sure to give a little background on the violations of human rights in the beginning. I moved on to the very tension that is rising in Palestine at the moment. I decided to end the presentation by speaking about personal experiences that I went through in the frames of the occupation. The event was attended by school students and university students, creating a nice diversity for the approaching right to education week.  After the event was concluded, people ate and mingled. I believe the event was very successful! :) 

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