Thursday 12 May 2016

first month in London

The first month, and volunteering in London 

 London is very big and there are a lot of cultures. We performed a lot of activities in order to reach the goals pursued by the institution. Also  we Palestinians aim to deliver an idea of ​​the Palestinian people, and what is happening in Palestine.  We also aim to  define  the world that is happening in Palestine. Also we worked a lot with publications and we have distributed them in the streets, especially on days of public holidays , and we have a lot of meetings. These meetings include Palestinian food and  Palestinian dabka dance and also the opportunity to speak about Palestine through the presentations about  Palestine, especially Abu Dis, as well as all Palestinian women and Cadfa .

We have also  leaflets and distributed them on the streets to educate people about Palestine
We also teach the Palestinian Dabke dance on Sunday from 1-2 pm and also teach Arabic Language every Thursday in the  Cadfa centre 6-7 pm every Thursday.  We also work on Stalls every Saturday from nine o'clock until six o'clock, and every Saturday. This work is out of the office. When we are inside the office we communicate by writing  on  social media and blogs.  We  also work in meetings with other institutions in London and communicate with them.

Some pictures.

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