Tuesday 24 May 2016

Our activities in a few days

On Thursday 19th May, I attended a wonderful evening for the Palestinian Animal League about Animal Activism Under Occupation with Ahmad Safi and Liz Tyson. They talked about the Zionist occupation of Palestine and it practices and their impact on the Palestine and animals in particular. They talked about the division of the Palestinian territories to A,B,C areas, control of water, the Separation Wall,and the Palestinian refugee camps (the Jalazoun camp for e.x), and the Checkpoints, Liz talked here about what she saw when Israeli soldiers shot to death a young man and put a knife next to him. Then they talked about how it has affected on the animals especially the Donkeys and Dogs.


On Friday 20th May, we went to DRAGON HALL to after-school club, and we practiced some games together.

                                                                                            17 Stukeley Street


On Saturday 21st of May, we had a stall in the Brunswick in the early morning, then we had another stall in Kentish Town Community Centre (KTCC) festival.

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