Thursday 7 April 2016

The palestinian children of prisoners

Some 241 Palestinian children are currently being held in Israel’s Ofer Prison, Falesteen newspaper reported the Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners and Freed Prisoners saying : Among the children, who are all under 18, 94 have already been sentenced, six are being held under administrative detention and 147 are in remand.
A report by the committee also revealed that the fines imposed on the minors in March amounted to 85,000 Israeli shekels ($22,450).
In its report, the committee reiterated that all 400 child prisoners held in different Israeli prisons had been subjected to more than one form of harassment and torture when they were arrested, during investigations or while they were in prison.
Meanwhile, the report said Palestinian prisoners in Megiddo Prison had complained of overcrowding. It said that more than 900 detainees are being held in Megiddo, distributed among eight departments, including two sections for the more than 170 minors.
Prisoners also complained of repeated relocations which take place on almost a daily base, noting this “negatively” affects the detainees’ stability.

By suha 

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