Wednesday 27 April 2016

The young women in Palestine

  • The young women under the Occupation:

    Palestinian young women are living under the most difficult conditions of Occupation, On the one hand, they are not allowed to pray at AL-Aqsa Mosque. On the other hand , they are subjected to humiliation and verbal abuse and investigation ,which may also include physical inspection , and sometimes it might lead to killing or imprisonment for several years .The number of the young women in prison about 56 , the youngest prisoner was Dima Wawi only 12-years-old .

  • Challenge and success:

    The Palestinian women is women like no other. Despite the Occupation and siege of the Palestine , nothing can strip the Palestinian women of her spirit.She is powerful and an icon .She is eager to learn and educate her children, (such as Hanan AL-Haroub who is won the award for the best teacher in the word ) 
    And the young woman are eager to travel abroad to seek learning at the best institutions . Young women in Palestine are breaking cultural norms in this area. Taking my self as an example , I have traveled to the UK for this great opportunity , so i hope to other young women in Palestine can live with more freedom and get different  opportunities .    

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