Thursday 20 March 2014

On Wednesday 19th march 2014 we (Lucile , Shahd ) went to Camden town station to hand out Adam and Johar  leaflets , we were  talking  to the  people there and answering  questions , we invited them to join as in our association as well , it's a good experience to go out and contact people to convince them about your ideas !

When  we just finish the women visit event , me ( Shahd )and Lucile started to go to schools ,we went to Maria Fidelis school and ULS school , we spent a good time with the girls there  ,such as writing on blog together and giving  them an introduction what shall we during our staying in London  as a EVS volunteer .

Thursday 13 March 2014

Me (Shahd ) ,Najwa,Karamah,Rana,Walaa and Bayan at New Cross gate station . 

Tuesday 11 March 2014

            "    As long as we share our stories ; as long as we can  show the  people the reality "

This picture was taken  at  New Cross  Thursday on 6th march 2014   , while Rana , Bayan. and  Shahd  were talking about the situation in Palestine.
 "Bayan told the story of a girl with special needs, who died at an Israeli checkpoint because they did not allow her to go to the hospital , Rana told us about the suffering of the prisoners wives in Palestine as well .

 The Palestinians women at The British  museum .on 6th march 2014

On Friday 7th march in Hackney , music with Palestinians women .
*This picture was taken while they were watching a short movie about Palestine .

Me and Rana Salameh at the" British museum" on 6th march 2014 .