Thursday 29 May 2014

Everyone loves London,not only me ;)

There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.Vivienne Westwood

London is my beloved city,

I am so happy  being here , I enjoy my time 
and this is a great opportunity for me, I hope that it  will not be the last visit :)

Monday 26 May 2014

We went to Kingsgate Community Centre  on  Thursday in order to talk about CADFA and to look for volunteers. Annika and I, talked to women's organisations there, and told them about CADFA and if they would like to be in touch with us,and to do some events with us.They welcomed a lot .

Thursday 22 May 2014

Back to Knighton

After a year since I visited Knighton in Wales last summer with a lot of Palestinian  kids I went there. It was so nice to see my friends that I met there  last summer and a lot of them had visited Palestine before and they visited me in Azzoun. I had a long busy two weeks there with stalls, presentations, talks in two schools, doing some work in the woods  building a storage house for fire wood,a lot of cooking Palestinian food (Maqluba), talking to MP MR Roger William  talking to the church  group in Knighton, a lot of busy work , and talking to another group at Llanidloes about the Nakbah in Palestine. It was nice and I liked it , and  because I am  from  a small village so the life there was the same life I am  used  to  back in Azzoun, a farmer's  life. 
Now I will  let you see the photos that I took while  I was  there.

Yesterday we had a nice dinner at Dave's house. It should be  nice, because Mousa and I cooked Maklouba which is a traditional Palestinian meal  :)
We enjoyed our time there, by talking and sharing my story as a Palestinian volunteer.
Actually it was a good  opportunity  to meet new people who are interested .
 :) :) 

Dave's house is really nice,the event actually was informal that is why we enjoyed it so much, hopefully we will do the same again.:) :)

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Wembley ! !

We had a stall at Wembley station,Mousa,Rukaiya  and me.It was a charity's party.They invited CADFA to have its stall there,it was a good chance to meet new people to tell them about CADFA!
I meet a new girls they were interested in CADFA,they asked me many questions and one of them would like to be a volunteer in Palestine ! such a good news.
We got a new member in CADFA as well.
we sold some of CADFA's stuff. 

Wednesday 7 May 2014

At LSU School Lucile and I played with the children a game that shows the difference between the Palestinian IDs.
It was very useful,but we will think about another game that should be more exciting for the students !

On Saturday, Ibrahem and I  went together to Northampton for a Palestinian event .We talked about Palestine in front of many people who were very interested.And we had our stall as well.
They welcomed us very much and they were very nice to us.
We met Julia and we had a great time at her house in a beautiful village. Julia gave me a nice necklace. I love it !
Horses are my beloved animals. Julia showed me many horses in her village and I was so happy :)

Last week me and Ibrahem went to at Kentish Town station.we had stall there which helped us not just to sell Palestinian products and to talk with people and hand out the prisoners leaflets.