Tuesday 15 December 2015

EVS Training

EVS Volunteers

I was very enthusiastic to attend the EVS training in Birmingham and as expected it was really nice and fruitful.
There we met a lot of active and kind volunteers from the whole world, learned about the EVS and the voluntary work, (i.e what are the volunteers' roles, responsibilities, rights...)
Three days in the training were effective, informative and very nice network.
I would like to thank the trainer 'Lorrine' for her efforts and power. Also many thanks to each and everyone of the volunteers who attended the training, who put his special touches during the congress, they made a very memorable minute


Welcoming December!

December welcomed me with a minor cold but It's not as bad as I thought. The film night last Friday was great and many people showed up to the event. The films are very informative and a are a great introduction to the Palestinian struggle. We are also currently working on making an event for women/teachers who are coming in January. Living in london generally is becoming easier although one has to come up with difficult challenges every once in a while. We took a break from London when we left for the EVS training and it was a great three days for we met many people from around the world and did some creative work with them. Looking forward to seeing what December is holding.
p.s Happy Christmas!

Scottish Night


Friday 4 December 2015

Westminster University

on the 3nd of December we made a stall at the City Let college with Carmel, and after that we (Nour, Hannad and I) went to the University of Westminster and did a presentation there for the students about what is happening in Palestine now and about the students in Palestine in general.


Tuesday 1 December 2015

Moving to SE London

After spending one month in Kentish Town near CADFA's office, now it's the time to discover London and to keep up with the transportation system (the complicated system!).

On the 29th of November I moved to SE London to live there, it would be a nice experience to use the transportation between two areas far from each other. Packing and unpacking my luggage after a long way travel reminds me of the first day in London..!

Meeting CADFA's Members

Yesterday was a very nice day, after spending time in the office working on different things, the new cards arrived, Nour and I sorted and packed them, and they are so nice! (see picture below)
At night we met CADFA's members at one of the restaurants in the Holloway road and we discussed a lot of things and knew new nice people. Finally we had a good dinner there!

CADFA Meal and a New Week

The CADFA meal on Friday was great and it was very productive. I personally met old members who I hadn't the chance to meet while I was here. We are embarking on the following week and there are lots of plans ranging from connecting with women centers to teach Arabic for youth and speaking at Westminster University. We are very excited for all of this :)