Tuesday 27 January 2015

My time in Gaza

Last Thursday the CADFA open meeting took place. The program included questions and talks about recent projects and a presentation  about my time in Khan Younis (Gaza). In addition Emilio and I organised some refreshments such as falafel and humus, because everyone loves them.

I visited my family in Gaza 3 times, in 2000,2005 and the last time in 2012. Of course, the 6 weeks in summer 2012 are the most memorable for me. 

Its true people are suffering from the blockade and the economic situation, especially unemployment is a big problem. Also space is constricted. Its nearly impossible to buy land and to build your own family house. So its hard for young people to move on and prepare for the future. But on the other hand I had such a lovely time.Of course this time is shaped by my family, all my cousins, aunts and uncles. They are the best. Families are much closer in Palestine compared to Germany. But this is not the only thing. I did lots of nice and fun activities, like going to the beach, market or ice cream shop. One day I went with my cousin to a leisure park. My cousin worked there. Another special day was, when I spent a day in Al-Alqsa University.

An alley between the houses. This is very common in Gaza, because of the lack of space.

The beach, my favourite place in Khan Younis. It's so clean and beautiful. 

Dunja x

Friday 2 January 2015

Report about the last Leaders Visit

For me the best thing of the last leaders' visit was to meet these wonderful people. Just in 10 days I got to know them really well. We had a lot of fun together. From Friday to Tuesday we spent time together in a big house in the Lake District. Everyone loved nature. After breakfast we had workshops for example about differences in Palestine and Britain, security and health care. Everyday we went out and hiked for a few hours. I really loved it, especially if it was rainy.

We arrived Tuesday evening in London. I was one of the youth leaders. I prepared a programe for the youth leaders group. Thursday, the second day in London, we visited LSU School, Samuel Lithgow Youth Club and finally we met some youth, who were part of the last youth visit.  The goal was to get as many ideas as possible and to start plan the next youth visit in June. We agreed that the LSU school and Samuel Lithgow Youth Club would arrange some events with CADFA during the next visit. I think it was very important that we met each other to see what kind of different opportunities we have in the different locations.  With the last participants we discussed what they liked and what kind of improvements are necessary for the next time.

Friday we started to plan and to discuss the next  youth visit, which will be about drama. We had the idea that we wanted to choose the participants  in Palestine and UK  as fast as possible and start to prepare them. We want to set up regular meetings,  discuss  the topics - Palestine, intercultural exchange and Human Rights, and start to prepare a drama show about these topics.

During the visit we plan to have a  drama workshop at the residential for a few days. We want to put the Palestinian and British shows together to create one. With this show we want to go to London and show it for example in the LSU School or Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre. With this show we can also do fundraising for CADFA.

I loved this visit because I made friends for life. I learned about a lot of different topics with them, developed my skills and we created together a lot of plans for the next visits. I really wish to visit them one day in Palestine. 


P.S.: Miss you all !!!!

North London Muslim Community Centre

Samual Lithgow Youth Center

Meeting with old participants in British Library

Twinning in Action Conference

Last Day, Goodbye!
On the Way to the Airport.