Friday 13 February 2015

Report about last student visit

Some wonderful 10 days just finished. This was my second CADFA visit and now I know that every visit is different from the past. Other people with other personalities and other stories come and characterize your shared time.

Especially this time I was very impressed by the presentations, which the student prepared in Palestine. On the on hand there were so personally and touching and on the other hand there were based on facts and international law. Thank you guys !!!  

As a leader in this visit I learned a lot. Firstly, if you want that your group is always on time, then yourself has to be on time ALWAYS. Secondly, it is very important to communicate with the other leaders. Because in some days we divided the student group in three parts, for example at the day we visited the different universities. I took a lot of energy to communicate via phone during the day, because you have to handle lots of stuff as well. It would be much better to make a plan beforehand. In addition to this, I think the next time if we plan to meet, for example to take dinner together, we shouldn't wait for other groups a long time because this just causes other problems. 

I am happy, because I met all this people. I learned a lot from them and know I want to go to Palestine even more, especially to Al-Quds university!!!