Thursday 4 December 2014

Busy Saturday

Hi CADFA Friends,

Last Saturday was a very busy day. At first we went to a church to have a stall at their Christmas market. To be honest there were not so many people, but the people who were there visited our stall and showed interest. I enjoyed the nice and calm atmosphere.

This was just the first part of our Saturday. The second part was an activity at a busy place near Mornigtan Cresent tube station. We put up our wall, gave out some leaflets and wanted to get signatures for our petition. Our goal was to get as many signatures as possible. Sometimes it was really nice to talk with people, because they showed you their interest. This motivated me. But there are also people who are dismissive. They give you the feeling that you are doing something bad, but its important to know that most of these people are just interested in their own lives. All in all it was so cold outside, that at the end we were really happy to finish, but it was really worth it, because we got a lot of signatures, told  a lot of people about CADFA and had some really nice chats.