Tuesday 15 November 2016

CADFA's annual report

As every year, CADFA has just published its annual report for the period 2015-2016. As a reminder, the period begins at the 1st of April and ends at the 31st of Mars.
According to the model of the previous years, we find in this report a current situation of the context in Palestine and more particularly to Abu Dis as well as a description of this one in the United Kingdom. In both cases, the atmosphere seems tense and little inclined to improve. In answer to this report, the report details the actions of CADFA in Palestine as well as on the territory of the United Kingdom.
Also, the report details the exchange projects, organised by CADFA, between the United Kingdom and Palestine, without omitting to highlight the benefits from these: expertise’s improvement, spreading of the awareness, etc...

Besides, the report focuses on certain milestones which occurred in this period, whether it is because of CADFA or of the current events.

You can also find a lot of information there: news concerning the staff, connection between objectives and results and the establishment of new objectives, review of the events... An important part is dedicated to the financial aspect of the structure. CADFA unfortunately, has to deal with some difficulties concerning this point. Nevertheless, the association is still motivated and effective to work on the problem of human rights in Palestine.

He is very interesting to read this report for whom wants to inform about the situation with an organization the expertise of which on this matter is not anymore to be proved. It also allows to understand how works an association by diving into a detailed report.

Monday 7 November 2016

Volunteering with CADFA : First impressions

While looking on the platform EVS for a body susceptible to welcome me in the realization of my professional application, which is necessary for the obtaining of my diploma (in the project management and the development aid), I founded and I decided to take part in CADFA’s activities (after being accepted off course).

I arrived in London last Friday (November, the 4th). I had found an apartment before coming and even if it is not for my taste and relatively overvalued (even in London, it seems), it is situated in Chalk Farm, very close to Camden Town, but especially close to most of the places of activities of CADFA, which is very interesting. Annika recommended me to balance the pros and the cons.

On Saturday, I participated in a meeting about the journey in Palestine which will take place at the end of the month and in whom I will take part. It allowed me to meet Nandita and some of my travelling companions. It was an interesting experience, the atmosphere was relaxed, even when we approached tender issues, what often arrives when speaking about Palestine.

Today I met Annika. We have discussed multiple subjects about the situation in Palestine and about activities of CADFA. It was very enriching, especially as we tried to determine together which could be my role within the organization and which profits I could benefit from my experience. One of the advantages of volunteering lives in the fact of building its work with the receiving organization.

I look forward to learn more and to provide my contribution to the actions of CADFA, through an experience which looks to be enriching on a professional level as well as on the human plan.