Friday 26 June 2015

Ramadan Kareem to everyone!

For me and the other volunteers it is quite a different Ramadan because we are away from home. But we decided to spend lots of time together and have Iftar together as well. Yesterday I went with Nadeen to the Central Mosque to pray Tarawih. Nadeeen told me it is very beautiful to pray Tarawih in Jerusalem in the Al Aqsa mosque. Hopefully I can be there one day. Luckily there are nice places to feel Ramadan in London like the Ramadan Tent next to SOAS.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Dunja loved the kids visit!

The CADFA youth visit just ended. To be honest, it was my favorite. I enjoyed it so much and I had so much fun with all the kids. 

Everything started with the residential in Sheringham. This place is so lovely. Not far from the youth hostel where we stayed in was the sea. And next to the sea you could see green hills. We all went on top of the hills and enjoyed the beautiful view. There we played games and discussed different issues

 English dinner

The second stop was Norchwich, were we did tourism and had an event. I cooked Magluba with Maysa and lot of other people, who helped us. Very late in the night we arrived in Cambridge. We had perfect hosts. THANK YOU AGAIN! In both places Norchwich and Cambridge we did a prisoners march. People actually really wanted to find out about us and read our leaflets.This really motivated us. Some of us had an competition about the amount of leaflets we gave out. 

In London my favorite moments were the sports day, the drama performance and our picnic in Greenwich.

On Friday ,the sports day, firstly we went to the Emirates Stadium. Because Palestinians love football, everyone took lots of pictures. A very special part was the changing room of the Arsenal Team. After this we went to the  Leisure Sobel Center in  Holloway. We did ice scaring and trampoline. It was so nice to see everyone having fun together. For the most of the Palestinians it was the first time doing ice scating. I was really happy to share this experience with them. 

The Islington event

Saturday afternoon we had the draw performance in Camden lock. I was surprised how much they prepared in such a short time. It was just lovely seeing them together dancing and acting. Thank you!

Greenwich was the last day with the Palestinians for me. Unfortunately I needed to say goodbye. But it was a good end. We had lots of time to hang out, chat and play games together. We also did some interviews for a CADFA film.