Thursday 13 November 2014

Learning fast with CADFA

Hello Cadfa friends!

The time is going so fast. I can remember when I started in October! and now I can go to the universities, schools, community centres and I am not lost on the way. I think Cadfa offers the opportunity to meet other projects, charities or social organisations here in London and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know about them.

When we were at SOAS I felt really well. We are creating links with them because we want to make some activities in the university when the Palestinian people are here, work on blogs, etc. We also want to involve new people from the universities to do projects and activities with us to promote Human Rights in London.
On the next day, I was at Maria Fidelis School and it was really cool, because we started a new 'Lunch Club' with some people who are studying there. They are really interested in doing activities about the situation in Palestine and being involved in our school's exchange in the future. I think I will have a really good time with them during this year.
On Friday, I visited the Calthorpe Project with Dunja my co-worker and it was really nice to see the work which they are doing at the community centre. They have a garden project  and they plant and eat these plants! It was really interesting! I could taste a flower called 'nasturtium'  and also I was really surprised when I met the girls who are involved in the project because a lot of them were speaking in Spainsh and it was like  being at home.

Thinking about all these things that I did just in a month, I am really happy about my time here, because I think I will learn a lot of things, I will meet a lot of people and I will have more skills to be involve in a beautiful London life.

Emilio Sanchez.

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