Tuesday 14 April 2015

Cricket Sunday

 Hi Cadfa Friends,

Last Sunday Cadfa organized a Cricket tournament in London, as a fundraising event.

The day was so busy, we  arrived to the Sports Centre with a lot of stuff  to prepare - a stall, the dome and the wall, Palestinian flags, posters, and everything!
When we put everything up and the tournament started; 10 teams enjoyed the matches with everybody playing against each other and the two teams who won the most matches played the final to fight for  the medals and the cup! Some teams were so professionals and they played so well, but other teams just enjoyed their the day, doing some sport and supporting Cadfa. In the middle of the day we stopped to have a really good and spicy lunch with everybody and we finished the day with the prizes.

The day was so lovely, personally, as a Spaniard without any idea about cricket , I participated in a team. I enjoyed my experience meeting new people, introducing them to Cadfa and knowing a bit more about the British culture.

Emilio Sanchez
EVS Volunteer

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