Thursday 13 August 2015

Dunja is saying good bye!

Hi everyone,

London felt so different in the my first days here. I never knew where I am exactly. For example one day I was near my house, but I did't knew were I am at all and now the same area is so familiar. I got lost at least every day or missed my bus stop. Now I am happy to say that I can travel in London without city mapper anymore.

 I feel the same if |I think about CADFA. I arrived and did't knew what to expect. Of course I had an idea of some things, but now I know I knew nothing  about how everything works. I remember Nandita always talked about the the leaders visit, which was the first for me, but I did not know what it means. After it I know what she meant with a residential and why CADFA is doing it.

cooking in the residential
hiking in the leaders visit
playing games in the resindetial
About the work of CADFA, I knew what they do and for what they do it, but I didn't know how! Just after a few month I could say how they do for example there events or what outreach means.

painting in the schools
If I look back, the most I enjoyed were the visits. I remember there were so tiring, but after all its done, I just miss it because I had an amazing time. I am so thankful that I could see such nice places like the Lake District or the sea in Norfolk, that I could meet so many great people and be part of so many fun activities. Thank you for all this great memories.
Beautiful Lake District with my lovely Rana 

A singing workshop in the women's visit
I remember we were joking so much, that we could not stop to laugh

CADFA gave me the opportunity to improve my English a lot, to meet and work wit  a lot of different people, to be  part of lots of activities like demonstrations and events, learn about Human right and Palestine and feel confident to speak about it in front of other people.

Demonstration in Kentish Town

Even if i spent 10 month in London, through the work of CADFA I feel like I also went to Palestine! 

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