Sunday 8 November 2015

Waking up in London

Waking up to pretty old houses in Kentish Town is never something you will complain about. The landscape is amazingly ancient and is saturated with a great history and civilization. These were my very first impressions. When we went to parliament hill, I was shocked by the combination of the natural environment and the industrial view in front of us, the combination, although rare was very thrilling and astounding. I was very homesick and perhaps had symptoms of a cultural shock due to the radical difference back home. Once we got to central London, I was determined to eat Palestinian food in a place called, “Heba”. The experience of eating Arabic food with an Arab community in central London was also very weird. However, I felt comfortable and closer to home while Nancy Ajram’s[1] songs played in the restaurant.
Before going on about London and central London, I should note that the house I have been living in is one of the most beautiful houses I have seen, its owned by great person called Lady Elizabeth. The house is very ancient and filled with great multi-cultural antiques and rugs. One of the rugs is framed and hung in the middle is actually Persian but has Arabic writing on it. It’s one of these houses where you only see at movies and wonder how they look like from the inside. I really got a taste of the English life through this house and it’s amazing exterior and interior.
I really do love the water and the sea. I am forbidden to enjoy the sea in Palestine due to the Israeli restrictions. I rarely get to see it and every time I feel, smell, or look at the water, I instantly feel better. We took a tour around the Thames River
with the great London eye background. After spending some time looking at the river, I was gradually feeling comfortable and happy. I no longer felt the urging need to call my mom or eat Arabic food. The scene was natural and the East vs. West story didn’t matter anymore. After going back home using the tube, I felt like I am starting to get a hold of the ways here. Although it’s too early to judge, but I think in a couple of days, I will be able to differentiate between colors black and blue and platform 1 or 2. Today is my second day here in Kentish Town, I feel like I still have so much to know and explore and I’m extremely looking forward to do so.


[1] Nancy Ajram: Lebanese pop icon (who everyone listens to)

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