Wednesday 18 May 2016

Israeli police forces demolish Jerusalemite home

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Israeli military bulldozers demolished at dawn Wednesday a Palestinian home in Shufat neighborhood north of occupied Jerusalem. Media sources said that Israel bulldozers stormed at dawn Wednesday Shufat neighborhood amid heavy presence of Israeli policemen who imposed a tight security cordon on the area. Israeli forces violently evacuated the house, owned by Rajeh Hawarin, before starting the demolition process. Hawarin stated that his house was built in 2001 on an area of 150 square meters, pointing out that his seven family members became homeless. Israeli authorities issued the demolition order in 2012 under the pretext of establishing a settlement project to link between Ramot Shlomo and Pisgat Ze'ev illegal settlements. In 2001, Israeli forces demolished another home owned by Rajeh Hawarin for allegedly being built without permit. Earlier Tuesday, two Jerusalemite homes were demolished under the same pretext. During the last four years, Israel has demolished homes in occupied Jerusalem on an unprecedented scale: House demolition for alleged "military need," demolition of houses built without permits, and the demolition of houses as punishment. They all have one result - thousands of people, most of them children, made homeless.

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