Tuesday 21 July 2015

Diarmaid :)


This time I am  not going to write a blog about the schools or about our events and activities.
This time I am writing this blog about a special person works in CADFA .
Diarmaid ,who is  Diarmaid ?
He is the manager for CADFA office and CADFA's solicitor .
Humble person ,gentleman and kind person he is here always to help us with anything we need .
not also with our work as a  volunteers also with our life and the difficulties that anyone could face when you arrive to a new city.
Although he's busy all the time with a serious work, hes always there for us.
supporting us with everything we need and taking care of us.
Despite he get annoyed by the volunteers sometimes at the office while we talking to each others and working because the office is small, He keep saying with a smile hold on guys- his famous sentences-or be quit for a 10 m, He is ready to answer any of our questions about the work .
I wish to him all the best and all the success in his life , he deserve the best.


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