Tuesday 7 July 2015

Ramadan in London

Ramadan in London with CADFA

The holy month came and we started fasting in London. As a volunteer in CADFA I work as usual ,I teach Arabic every Friday, I write blogs and organize events in order to spread CADFA out and to support CADFA.
Ramadan here is different in London and we don't live the Ramadan Atmosphere not like back home.
There is no Athan -when they called to pray at the mosque -so we break our fast here according to the clock. Also in London the sun never sets, we start fasting at 2:40 am and we break our fast at 9:25 pm It's new good experience to spend Ramadan outside the country .
So we don't really feel like its Ramadan here unless that if we break our fast together.Otherwise we wouldn't enjoy it if we break our fast alone.
The good thing is that I started learning how to cook alone.
 It is nice to spend Ramadan nights with the friends, sometimes  me and Dunja  break our fast together, we cook together and we have our Suhor together, We went to the mosque to pray Taraweh to enjoy Ramadan in London.
 We also went to Ramadan tent at SOAS. It was good, we broke our fast according to Athan and we prayed Maghrib together then we started eating.

It is really nice and amazing to practice Ramadan together with friends.
London is a beautiful amazing city so it doesn't matter where you are during any special occasion, it matters with whom you are and how to plan you your day.


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