Wednesday 8 July 2015

New Volunteer- David

Hi all,

My name is David. I am a student from Kings College London and former events officer of the student society KCL Action Palestine (KCLAP). Having worked previously with Cadfa, through my involvment with KCLAP, I am very excited to be joining this amazing team of Cadfa volunteers. Cadfa is a brilliant charity, which helps to raise awareness here in the UK of the humanitarian situation in Palestine by fostering interchange between the British and Palestinian community. I myself have participated in Cadfa student exchanges and have found them to be wonderful opportunities to get a broader picture of the occupation by talking to Palestinians themselves and hearing first hand experiences.
My main focus during my time at Cadfa will be to encourage more students to get involved with Cadfa and participate in the student exchanges. Naturally the more people who are aware of the humanitarian situation in Palestine, the stronger the voice for upholding Palestinian rights is. 

I can't wait to be speaking to as many new faces as possible and spreading the word about all the great things Cadfa has to offer.

David Robinson 

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